Privacy policy


We respect your privacy and this policy details how collected data will be used, stored, and disclosed. It outlines how your information will be treated. The data collected by us from you is primarily for travel related services. By providing us with your personal information, you agree to this privacy policy that outlines how we will handle your information. If you do not agree with any part of this privacy policy, you are not required to provide us with your personal data.

Data collection and use

All personal data collected from our visitors will only be used in a manner that is consistent with your expectations. We understand that as a user, you have a responsibility to know what will be collected and how it will be used. We collect personally identifiable information which includes:

–    Your IP address

–    Your browser’s user agent. Your user agent is a string that web browsers and other applications send to show their identities

–    We may ask to gather data from you in the form or cookies

–    If you become a registered user of our site, you will have tools to remove, access, and modify the identification details associated with your account. You can, for instance, change your email address and country of origin

–    We will use your personal details only to provide you with better, more effective services while you are on the site. We will not sell your information to third parties. However, we may use your email address to send you some promotional materials.

When you log in to the site, our web server will automatically log specific information which may include your browser version, the extensions you are using, your operating system, language preferences and all the information requested from our site. We will use a unique algorithm to associate this non-personal information to all personal data collected. If we need to process this data in any way, we will ask for your permission. The data collection technologies include page tags, cookies, and web beacons. Also, we will use cookies and you can read and understand what they are, how to control them and what they are used for.

Policy toward minors

Our site is not recommended for children under the age of 13. If you realize your child has given people with your personal information wrongfully, please contact our customer care agents at this email address [email protected]  we do not collect information wrongfully provided to us by children. We will take all necessary information to remove such content.

Data disclosure and sharing

-The following circumstances may prompt us to disclose your personal data to third parties: as required by law in the case where unlawful activities have been committed. We will only provide information upon receipt of a court order or are required by law enforcement, governmental agencies, and administrative bodies.  We also reserve the right to report any illegal activities to law enforcement.

We can also share your personal data with our business operation employees but only on a need to know basis. We will also give your information to third parties who explicitly ask us to send your information with your consent. We will notify you when using a specific service on our website. If we have any plans to merge with or be acquired by a business entity your information will be shared with the organization in charge.

There is also specific information that you will provide to use that will be public and displayed throughout the site. Such information will be connected to all the activities on the site. This information may include comments and suggestions on the website.

What we do with the information

Any information we collect, we use to understand you better and know where to improve on our products and services. We also use your information for a proper internal record. From time to time, your information may be used to contact you for marketing strategy.

The information we have collected from you will be stored to make future purchases easier. This information, therefore, will be accessible by our authorized employees who have the responsibility of ensuring the information is accurate, relevant, up to date and complete.

Links and advertising

You may find our website connected to other websites that may be of interest to you. However, when you choose to leave our site and click to other links, then automatically this privacy policy withholds any protection to your private information, and we cannot assume any responsibilities of violation to your information. These other sites are not governed by this privacy policy so when you are visiting these sites ensure to have an understanding about their operation policy before submitting any information.

You may restrict any collection of personal information from being shared to any third party or product promotions. It’s also possible to request a copy of the information we hold of you although at a small fee.

The personal data collected by us from you will primarily be used to provide you with camping-related services.

Use of cookies

Our website uses cookies. A cookie is a harmless file that helps us recognize the device you use to view our site. They will not monitor or install any programs on your device or collect any information. We use persistent cookies, session cookies, and third-party cookies. Some of which stay on your device for a duration and work across multiple sites. Session cookies on the other hands are only active during the sessions you are surfing through our website. Third party cookies track how you will use the affiliate links posted on our website.

You can always control these cookies by blocking, accepting, and deleting the cookies. You can choose which cookies to accept and which to reject. However, it is important to note that we require the cookies for the optimal functioning of the website on your devices. If you do not accept the cookies, you may be unable to save your preferences or use a couple features on our website.

Modifications to this policy

This privacy policy is subject to change at any time. We will not notify you when we make the changes. Therefore make sure that you always come back to this page and view it periodically so that you know when and if things have changed about how we will deal with your personal information.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

This Policy was last updated on 28.11.2018.