Best Teepee Tent In 2018 Review

Choosing the best teepee tent for an inexperienced camper may be a problem. What size should I choose? What material is the best? Familiar questions, aren’t they?

What if we told you this ‘problem’ is easy to fix? With a few  simple steps you’ll be well on your way to selecting the best teepee tent for your needs.

Before you learn what to look for, are you familiar with teepee tents? Here is an explanation.

A teepee tent, also known as tipi tent, is a cone-shaped canvas shelter with a high center pole. It is taller and roomier, thus, provides a larger headspace than most camping tents.  These make the best choice for a large group of people.

Secondly, it is perfect for rugged camping conditions and is durable, cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. What more could you ask from a camping tent?

We have dug deep into the best teepee tents this year and have come up with a short list you’ll love. Happy shopping! 

Which teepee tent is best for camping?

Teepee tents date back 3000 years when indigenous people used them as primary shelters. Most featured animal skins with wooden poles at the center.

Since then, they have gone through innovations. Modern teepee tents are designed for leisure activities as opposed to permanent nomadic shelters.

Before choosing a teepee tent for camping there are some basic features to understand to help you make an informed choice.

So, what qualities make an effective camping teepee for sale?How to choose the best teepee tent for camping?Depending on your needs, consider these features.


Standard pop tents come in various designs and so do teepee style tents for camping. There are 3 major types: conventional, bell-style, and yurts.

A conventional teepee style tent is a cone-shaped teepee with fewer poles and frame doesn’t feature any structured walls.

Animal skin is typically used to cover the frame but there are modern variations which are made of canvas and polyester.

Yurts, also known as gers, originated from Central Asia. They resemble a portable hut, consisting of wooden poles and latticework.

The wooden poles are interwoven to create walls which reinforce the poles and the crown.


Lastly, the bell-style teepee tent is a modern family teepee tent that incorporates a traditional design with modern enhancements. It comprises of a detachable inner tent plus a groundsheet.



Teepee tents are available in different sizes. The most important dimensions are the center height and the surface area of the floor.  With a center height of 10-20’, you can comfortably stand in such a large tp tent without crouching.

You also need to consider the ground surface area depending on the number of campers in your group. For instance, an 18 x 18 teepee tent can accommodate 10 to 12 people while 14 x 14 can take 8 to 10 campers.

Also consider manufacturers calculate a snug camping experience when stating how many campers their tents hold.

We recommend getting something a little larger than the manufacturer guidelines if you appreciate elbow room.

 Setup Difficulty

It is worth taking into account the design of your best teepee tent for camping. Some styles you should avoid, as they are cumbersome to assemble.

Look for a tipi tent with fewer poles if you don’t want to make your camping trip a burden.

Modern guide gear teepee is designed to address the assembling processes and takes 10 minutes or so to set up. They also feature lightweight packages which are ideal for serious backpackers and regular campers.


The best teepee style tent is made of durable materials. Always check the pole materials and the cover.

Poles made of carbon fiber are very stable but expensive.

Aluminum could be a good choice, it will save you a couple dollars but is prone to scratches.

If you plan to camp regularly, look for a durable teepee for camping e.g. canvas –m and get ready to pay extra bucks. On the other hand, you can survive with cheaper materials like polyester if you are camping for a couple of days.


Before picking a tent, check the structural integrity and weatherproofing abilities. There are several questions to ask yourself. Will it withstand the strongest wind? What if you are caught up in a storm?

A good example of a weatherproof structure is the winterial teepee tent.

Often, the fabric seam and sealing technique determines whether it is a waterproof teepee tent or not. Apart from weatherproof capabilities, a good 4 season teepee tent should provide accessories like a rain fly to shield you from downpour. Also check for window and door closures, as well as sealed seams.


The material of a teepee tent determines the ventilation quality. Apart from a breathable canvas, most modern teepee tents are designed with several windows and vents. These features facilitate sufficient air circulation in the structure.

Traditionally, a teepee comes with a top vent opening that allows you to use a stove. Recent models feature upper vents that promote overall ventilation. Several models include ground vents and mesh windows to help with air flow inside the tent while keeping the mosquitos out.


Camping is one of the most exciting outdoor activities. However, backpacking proves to be a hurdle for most people. Most campers take on backpacking during their free time and weight is a major consideration when choosing a camping teepee tent.

A lightweight teepee tent makes your trip more enjoyable since you won’t be fatigued when walking longer distances. We recommend keeping your backpacking as light as possible if you want to relax in the great outdoors.