Best Camping Dinnerware Review in 2018

Having the best camping dinnerware can come in handy when you’re out enjoying nature, but sometimes choosing the best set can be tedious. We’ve all been there – staring at an aisle-long rack of dishes, and then just settling for something to finish up shopping.Don’t risk regretting a hasty decision when you’re around a campfire, not enjoying your food because of an inferior mess kit.

We’re here to help with your dilemma! One reason it’s hard to choose a set is because of not knowing what features make a good camping dinnerware set.

In our guide, we’ll tell about some important features that when shopping for outdoor dinnerware. We’ll also give suggestions on the top outdoor dinnerware products as well as answer some frequently asked questions. Keep reading to find out more.

What Dinnerware is the Best for Camping?

While any camping dinnerware set will contain your food, some may are better than others in certain situations. For example, one set may serve better as camper dinnerware used inside your RV, while another set may be suited for use outside near a fire. Another option is to get separate pieces. The best camping plates and bowls can come as individual items or may even be multi-purpose. Here’s some common features to look at when choosing a good set of outdoor dinnerware.

 Type of Material

Outdoor dinnerware usually comes in a large range of materials. Here’s the five most common materials:

  • Plastic
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Enamel
  • Titanium

Plastic camping plates have a big advantage. They’re lightweight and flexible so it is difficult to break them. Plastic has a price advantage over other materials. It’s usually less expensive than other materials, but we don’t recommend going bottom-of-the barrel cheap. Cheap plastic could have BPAs or other harmful chemicals. It can even transfer plastic particles to your food.

Metal camping plates of aluminum or stainless steel are durable. They also won’t transfer harmful chemicals to your food.

Enamel dinnerware for camping is a great, lightweight choice but an enamelware camping set can sometimes chip after several uses. Titanium is the most durable, but also very expensive.

Size and Design

The size and design of your camping plates and bowls depends on where and how they’ll be used. If they’re in an RV, larger-sized dishes can be accommodated depending on available space. However if you’re hiking and/or living out of a tent, smaller is probably better to save space.

When thinking about the designs of your camping dishware sets, think of functionality as well as durability. Look for qualities like scratch-resistant, heat-proof, as well as other qualities that will make your outdoor dinnerware last.


Portability is key when carrying a camping eating set with your gear. First, your camping dinner set shouldn’t be breakable which is why taking dishware from home is not recommended. For whole sets including camping plates, bowls, and cups, try to get something stackable or telescopic. The best dinnerware set is preferably lightweight, especially if you’re carrying your gear.



Storage Container

A storage container is useful to keep camping dinnerware neat and in one place. These containers often have separators to hold each item in it’s correct place. While a storage container is a good idea for your camping dish set, be careful of its size. When carrying your gear, a good policy is to avoid bulky storage containers taking up a bunch of space in your bag. Aim for smaller sets.


Easy Cleaning

Cleaning camping dinnerware sets should be a simple. After all, there isn’t a dishwasher or a whole host of cleaning supplies around. The best camping tableware will be easy to clean – almost as easy as “rinse and done”. Enamel and metal dishware is great for this reason. Plastic dishware may not always be great dinnerware because it can sometimes retain the smell and color of food.